Foliar Technology

Plants also suffer from stress.

Plants have the characteristic that several factors provoke stress on them, a condition that negatively affects their ability to reach their maximum productive potential. In the tropics, abiotic factors such as temperature, relative humidity, drought, excessive rainfall, wind and frost, directly affect the quality and yields of crops. Biotic factors are another contributor to stress and they are  a cause of attacks form insects, nematodes, fungi, viruses and bacteria. In addition, plants must face stress form the lack of essential elements, when being transplant , phytotoxicities as a consequence of an improper use of agrochemicals and by the stress that develops each time a plant changes from one phenological stage to another (flowering, fruit set and ripening).

Seracsa’s solutions to overcome plant stress

In the face of these adversities, Seracsa has developed a wide range of foliar fertilizers, which allows the plant to overcome stress situations caused by the previously mentioned factors. Our foliar fertilizers are chelated with free L-amino acids, marine algae from Ascophyllum nodosum, polysaccharides, bioenergetics among others. Our foliar fertilizers favor the absorption of nutrients by their ability to cross the hydrophilic and lipophilic barriers, in addition to the electromagnetic barrier. They provide energy savings, are precursors of SAR, are necessary for the synthesis of proteins and minimize cellular dehydration. In addition, our foliar fertilizers have the ability to allow excellent compatibility and stability in the mixes that are made in the tank.