About Us

Seracsa is a Costa Rican leading company in producing plant nutrition products, founded in 1975 by agricultural engineer Eduardo Vivero Navarrete. Today we are leaders in formulating and selling foliar fertilizers along with organic and chemical pesticides, hybrid seeds, surfactants and agricultural equipment.

Seracsa constantly seeks to develop new and innovative solutions in a timely manner that are adapted to the needs of the crops in the region (tropical) and to the new demands presented by climate change.

For us, plant nutrition is the mainstay in comprehensive and technological farming. A primary tool in plant nutrition is foliar fertilization, which is a very useful practice to achieve a crops maximum yield. Managing a good foliar fertilization results in better quality crops and in higher profitability.

Our product portfolio includes very successful brands like Foliveex, Fulmic, Triflax, Plantox-1000, Everest, Navajo, Evigras, Telvar, Zetaran, Mip 100, among others.

Our experience and knowledge of the market have allowed us to position our products throughout Central America, Belize, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Ecuador. Furthermore, we are working on expansion plans in new markets and its strengthening.

As a standard Seracsa keeps a very strict policy towards harmony and respect for the environment throughout all its production process. Committed to this, in 2011 it was created EcoSeracsa, a division that seeks to improve our manufacturing processes by making it more eco-friendly and to educate and raise awareness in the local community about climate change and pollution.